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to make easier

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Aging can bring physical and mental challenges that alter our lives in ways that can be difficult to accept. We at Senior Matters understand, and we are here to help. A privately-owned company, Senior Matters, provides compassionate professional in-home care and personalized support to seniors at every level of need. Our mission is to ensure that those facing the challenges of aging and illness can remain in the comfort of their homes while receiving the quality of care they need and deserve. Below are examples of services offered. Please reach out so that we can discuss your needs and how Senior Matters can help. 

Escort to and from medical appointments, family, work, and social events, worship services, shopping, and more 

Short or long-term around the clock medical and non-medical in-home care post-hospitalization and rehab  

Supportive/palliative care, hospice, and end-of-life assistance and care  

Diet and nutrition monitoring, meal preparation, and fitness and activity plans

Vital emotional support and loneliness abatement via regular one-to-one contact, and, when desired, friendly animal visits 

Referrals to qualified therapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and other wellness professionals

Assistance navigating issues with insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits, and more 

Short or long-term regularly scheduled medical and non-medical home visits 

Assistance in procuring adaptive equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, hearing aids, alerting devices, and other items

Home organization, decluttering and downsizing encouragement and assistance 

Regular contact with a designated partner, friend, or family member during period of engagement

Light housekeeping, general shopping and errand running



to provide support

for or relief to



How is Senior Matters responding to the COVID-19 crisis?

At Senior Matters, we are taking the challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic seriously. We follow suggested CDCOhio Department of Health, and Florida Department of Health guidelines and amend company protocol as new information about prevention is made available. The health and safety of our clients and caregivers is our number one priority. Though we can’t control the virus, we are determined to do our part to lower the risk of its spread. 


How do I know that Senior Matters is right for me or my loved one?
Before agreeing to work together, we will have a no-charge 15-minute introductory call. If you feel you would like to learn more about how Senior Matters Home Health Care could help you, we will schedule an in-person hour-long meeting. Please note that there is a charge for this meeting. The fee will be discussed during our introductory call, and payment is due date of meeting.

Who are Senior Matters Caregivers?
Many on our staff have years of experience working with the elderly, both in-home and at facilities. Some are new to the field and are eager to help. All Senior Matters employees undergo a rigorous hiring process, including background checks, to ensure that they can be depended upon to serve clients well when on the job. That said, sometimes, an individual presents well during the interview process and then, once hired, cannot perform to company expectations. If an issue with a Senior Matters employee's performance arises, it is taken seriously and dealt with swiftly. Conversely, when an issue originates from the client-side, racist or homophobic rhetoric, for example, we take that just as seriously and address it directly with the client. Senior Matters expects a lot from our employees. In turn, we assume that our clients will show our employees the respect they deserve. 


Is a Senior Matters home caregiver simply a babysitter?
It shortchanges the value of home health care workers to refer to what they do as babysitting. There is nothing easy about the difficult issues that arise around aging and illness. Assisting a person and their loved ones as they navigate what can be a painful and frustrating path requires an individual with both empathy and intelligence. Senior Matters views home health care work as legitimate and essential, and our caregivers as professionals.  

What are the advantages of hiring in-home care as opposed to moving to a senior living facility or retirement home?
Besides the exorbitant cost of living at a senior facility, there are issues of comfort and level of care to consider. Familiar surroundings can ease the stress inherent to aging and illness, while unfamiliar surroundings can exasperate physical and emotional discomfort. In addition, the average ratio of patients to caregivers in a facility is sixteen to one. Certainly, there are situations in which a person should be in a hospital or rehabilitation facility, but for those not in crisis or those on the other side of a crisis, in-home care allows for a more personal and comfortable experience, one that is less traumatic for the individual and their loved ones.

Can I request a particular Senior Matters caregiver?


We do our best to match clients with requested caregivers, but due to caregiver availability and the needs of other clients, it is not always possible to assign a client a particular caregiver. 

Can I hire a caregiver away from Senior Matters?


The contract you sign with Senior Matters prohibits the private hiring of a Senior Matters caregiver for one year after the contract end date. 


In what cities are Senior Matters services available?


Senior Matters services are available in and around Columbus, Ohio, Venice, Florida, and Hilton Head, South Carolina. If you are located elsewhere and are interested in working with us, we are happy to discuss your needs to see what might be possible. 


Is Senior Matters a franchise? 


Senior Matters is not a franchise. Privately-owned, Senior Matters was founded as an alternative to large, impersonal corporate-owned facilities that, due to size and obligation to corporate boards, often lack humanity in their approach to care.

Does Senior Matters accept my insurance? 


Generally, non-medical in-home care is not covered under standard insurance policies. However, some long-term care policies have an allowance for non-medical services. If you have Medicaid or are a U.S. Veteran, you may be eligible for some services if you meet eligibility requirements. We are happy to sort through your options with you.  


How does Senior Matters accept payment, and when is my payment due?

Senior Matters accepts payment by check or via direct deposit through your financial institution. Clients are invoiced every two weeks, and payment is due within seven days of receipt of each invoice.



Kathleen Carmody


Prior to establishing Senior Matters in 2010, I worked for many years for large companies in the eldercare industry. Though I greatly enjoyed engaging with residents and their families, I repeatedly found myself frustrated by the barriers to effective care that exist within corporate-owned companies where concern for profit must come before concern for client care and comfort. Motivated by what I saw as a lack of compassion-focused services available to in-need seniors and their families, I created a different kind of company, one that works from the philosophy that quality care improves the quality of life.


I have taken Society of Certified Senior Advisors (CSA) certification courses, received training around the issues of aging and Alzheimers from organizations in Ohio and Florida, and completed end-of-life doula training in Colorado.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) selected me for their "Life Reimagined" campaign, which allowed me to travel to Ireland, where I connected with professionals in the eldercare industry and with my heritage. As a volunteer, I have given time to senior-focused organizations and to organizations doing good work for other causes. I enjoy exercise (I've participated in many marathons and triathlons), outdoor activity, time spent with family, and traveling.




Call Senior Matters at 614-327-9743, or use this form to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can help you navigate the health and wellness issues facing you or your loved one. 


Thank you for your email. I will be in touch shortly.

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